Magnetiske/ Induktive mengdemålere

Electromagnetic Flowmeters – Mag Meters

Magnetiske, Induktive mengdemålere, benyttes ofte i sammenheng med nøyaktige målinger innen vann og prosess forløp. Stort arbeidsområde 1000:1.

The Flow Technology EL Series of electromagnetic flowmeters represent the state-of-the-art for accurate measurement in water cycle and process applications. This new-generation meter incorporates improvements to the magnetic distribution elements that allow accurate operation throughout all flow regimes, allowing up to a 1000:1 turndown.

Key features
arrow_blackHigh accuracy
arrow_blackHigh turndown 1000:1
arrow_blackSanitary & industrial versions
arrow_blackFluid must be conductive
arrow_blackNon intrusive
arrow_black1/8" to >16"

EL 2200 Series – Industrial process applications
EL 2400 Series – Sanitary applications
EL 500 Series – Low flow & small line sizes
EL Battery Powered System